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Richard Parker
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For over 25 years I have been a successful fitness training entrepreneur. I hold a BS degree in Sports Management and Wellness and a MS degree in Exercise and Rehabilitation Science from the California University of Pennsylvania. I am a three-time Outstanding Service Standard Award winner at a high-end national Sports Club in Washington DC and was ranked as a Top 1% performer for over 13 years. I continued my success as an independent service provider on my own until 2023. Over those many years, I have learned how to be the kind of professional whom a variety of clients trust and want to work with.

I'm also an Honorably Discharged US Navy veteran having served 10 years in the US submarine service. As a graduate of Navy Instructor Training school, I am adept at communicating complex concepts and conveying logical problem-solving solutions to my clients. The military, and in particular the sub-service instills a unique brand of discipline to adhere to mission objectives and staying focused on task until it is successfully completed. As a successful entrepreneur I am not new to excellent customer service. Success requires being a good listener devoted to the needs and wants of their client and providing the individualized services that effectively fulfilled their needs and wants. Commitment to service has been the lynchpin of my success in my service to country and as an entrepreneur. Now I offer that commitment to you. Mahalo and Godspeed!