How Investment Property Owners Can Make Their Rentals More Appealing

Being a property owner comes with great responsibility, especially when it comes to the upkeep of your rental unit and making sure it is attractive to potential renters. To ensure that your investment property stands out from the competition, BREA shares these tips and tricks that will help make your rental more desirable.

Renovate the Kitchen

The kitchen is a major selling point for any rental home, so be sure to update it with modern appliances and finishes. Durability is a benefit to both you and your tenants, and functionality is a must-have. Also consider adding eco-friendly features such as energy-efficient lighting, low-flow faucets, and other green upgrades. This will not only make your kitchen more attractive but also make it more efficient for the tenants living on your property.

Hire Professional Cleaners

For a positive first impression, ensuring your investment property is immaculately clean is crucial. Hiring a professional cleaning service to meticulously deep clean the property showcases your commitment to high standards and tenant comfort. This step not only enhances the appeal of the property but also reflects your dedication as a property owner. An immaculately presented property sets the tone for a quality rental experience right from the start.

Provide Additional Storage Space

Offering extra storage space in addition to built-in closets is a perk that can attract potential tenants. The need for additional storage is a common issue, and having an array of options can make a rental unit stand out from the rest. Installing shelves or cabinets can help maximize space and improve the overall functionality and appeal of the unit.

Add Features Suitable for Pets

It’s no secret that many people own pets today. To that end, offering pet-friendly features can make your rental stand out from others on the market. Pet doors, designated outdoor spaces, and other pet-focused amenities can be enticing options for prospective renters. By providing these amenities, you can appeal to pet owners and set your rental property apart from others on the market.

Add Outdoor Amenities

The property’s exterior and outdoor amenities are crucial for attracting tenants who seek to unwind within the property. By adding furniture such as benches, grills, and fire pits, you can craft a welcoming environment that offers leisure opportunities. This approach can be especially significant for those who don't have access to nearby public areas.

Promote Accessibility

It's crucial to provide easy accessibility when renting out properties to accommodate individuals with disabilities or mobility issues who seek comfortable living spaces. Features like ramps and modified spaces are necessary to attract potential renters who rely on these features. By prioritizing accessibility, landlords can attract more tenants who require such amenities.

Have Fast and Reliable Internet Access

Having fast and reliable internet access is crucial for modern-day living, especially during the pandemic era when people are relying on it. Providing access to high-speed internet at reasonable rates can increase the appeal of the units being offered to potential renters. This feature is becoming increasingly important as more people recognize the need for reliable internet connectivity.

Marketing Your Property

Effectively marketing your property is key to attracting potential tenants and ensuring a steady stream of rental income. One tried-and-true tactic is creating a brochure to showcase the unique features and benefits of your property. Rather than hiring a professional designer, you can use a tool to create your brochure with the help of online templates. These templates provide a solid foundation for your brochure, allowing you to add a personal touch by customizing promotional materials with your own text, images, and design elements. This approach not only saves costs but also gives you complete control over how your property is presented.

Taking steps to make your rental properties more attractive and convenient is a smart investment for any landlord. By implementing the tips and marketing tricks outlined in this article, you can increase your chances of attracting tenants who are willing to pay top dollar for your units. Whether you manage one or multiple properties, these efforts can lead to longer-lasting and more profitable tenant relationships, ultimately setting you up for success in the long run.

For busy professionals looking to invest in real estate, BREA provides a streamlined, experienced approach to managing and growing your investments. Reach out today to learn more and explore investment opportunities.

Guest Blogger: Katie Conroy

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