What You Need To Know About These Major Types of Home Renovations

Planning a home renovation project can be exciting, but also overwhelming for homeowners. Even if you decide to work with an experienced team of contractors, there are still many complicated factors of which you need to be aware. To learn more about these need-to-know considerations, it is best to start by addressing some of the most common large-scale renovations that homeowners tend to pursue. By learning more about the types of projects that might interest you, it will be possible to make the best decisions at each step of the home improvement process.

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Choosing Value-Boosting Renovations

Making home renovations that raise your property value are often a great investment. Before deciding on individual projects, take stock of the local real estate market and what properties in the area typically sell for. Small renovations such as repainting, a new entry door, updated kitchen appliances or refreshed landscaping can all make a difference. If you have the funds available, larger renovations such as adding additional bathrooms or bedrooms, building a deck or modernizing interior spaces will have more of an impact on your asking price. It’s important to strike a balance between upgrades that add value and those that are simply appealing to you personally, ensuring you get the most return from your home renovation investments.

Home Office Remodels

A home office is a must-have for business owners as well as career professionals who might only work remotely part-time. If you do not currently have a dedicated home office, it might be time to remodel an unused space of your home to facilitate productive work. Be sure to locate your office where it can receive plenty of natural light for promoting strong mental health throughout the day. 

Plentiful overhead lighting can be a decent alternative to natural light when the situation calls for it. Consider consulting with an interior designer who can help you create an appealing aesthetic in your home office that incorporates overhead light fixtures.

Basement Renovations

Many people who have a basement tend to utilize the space for storage, or otherwise leave it unattended entirely. With a bit of investment, though, you can renovate your basement into a livable space that feels just as accommodating as the rest of your home. With the right mindset, that space under your house could be a game room, home gym, or anything else you might imagine.

 Experts explain that there are unique considerations to keep in mind when installing HVAC systems in your finished basement. You should also be careful when selecting a flooring type, as materials that are not waterproof quickly become damaged via underground moisture.

 House Extensions

There are many types of extensions that can add to the appeal and value of your home. These can give you additional interior space or even enhance your enjoyment of the outdoors. Some common types of house extensions include: 

•       Front porch extensions

•       Wrap-around extensions

•       Single or double-story extensions

•       Rear extensions (including back patios)

One easily overlooked issue when planning an extension is the roofing. You likely want to keep the visual appeal of your extension's roof consistent with the rest of the house, though you could also use the renovation as an opportunity to redesign the entire roof of your home.

Helpful Software and Apps

Home renovations can be a daunting task, whether you're doing it yourself or hiring help. However, there's a variety of software available that can help make the process easier and more organized. For example, estimating software allows contractors to quickly create detailed estimates for construction takeoffs that include labor, materials, and overhead cost per project, which allows them to bid more accurately and compete more effectively in the marketplace.

Additionally, there are many home renovation apps that can provide valuable tips and advice. From choosing the right paint colors to learning how to properly install tile, these apps can help you tackle any home improvement project with confidence. So before you start your next renovation, explore the many software options available to help you along the way. 

Completing a home renovation is a huge accomplishment. From minor home office redesigns to major additions to your home, every investment you make into your property is a cause for celebration. If the process seems difficult along the way, though, do not hesitate to find helpful software and apps and consult with experts who are experienced in the field of home renovation.

Guest blogger: Andre Griffin

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